All the clones available in this list are the result of more than ten years of studies and experimentation, with a high potential to become new varieties that may have a participation and positive contribution in the development of the national industry.

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Varieties that for 15 years have been protected by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa) and are currently free of rights and can be commercialized and cultivated commercially without the need for recognition and payment.

Varieties for which the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa) recognizes intellectual property, resulting from work on plant genetic improvement and/or genetic engineering. Access the MAPA website to find out about the current situation of a cultivar [ click here ].

Varieties that were exclusively developed by the team at the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar), for more than 15 years of evaluation and experimentation. Some are still under plant breeders rights.

In the opportunity to celebrate the 50th anniversary of RB sugarcane varieties and 30th of the stablishement of RIDESA, we took the opportunity to present the edition of the "Book of RB Varieties" with the description of 114 RB sugarcane varieties, which have contributed decisively to the development and sustainability of the national sugarcane industry. To download, [ click here ]

In this catalog, RIDESA presents 21 new RB sugarcane varieties, which added to the others previously released, there a total of ninety-four genetic materials for cultivation in Brazil.

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