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About Our Breeding Institution

The Sugarcane Breeding Program of the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) is one of the members of the  Inter-University Network for the Development of the Sugarcane Sector (RIDESA) in Brazil. The main objective is to obtain improved sugarcane varieties adapted to different environmental conditions in the country, meeting the needs of the sugarcane industry.

The program's technical team consists of geneticists, breeders, phytopathologists, nematologists, agricultural technicians, laboratory technicians and specialists in the areas of administration and support, belonging to the staff of UFSCar or direct hires.

Collaborating with the team, there is an expressive group of partner companies distributed in São Paulo and neighboring states, which conduct field experiments as part of the selection process for developing new varieties. These companies also participate by providing financial support.

Partner companies

The Sugarcane Breeding program of RIDESA/UFSCar is responsible for the breeding and management of the RB varieties, having experimental centers located in the municipalities of Araras and Valparaíso in the state of São Paulo with extensions in areas provided by the partners companies. Below is the complete list of institutions associated with our institution.